Starting a freelance company at twenty-four


It’s HARD! because life doesn’t just go on hold when you launch your business.

This year I was lucky enough to go on my first OE to Europe for 5 blissful weeks where I explored what the world really had to offer. Then the day after I arrived home from my 30 hours of traveling my partner proposed to me! What a whirlwind few days, as a week later I also bought my first car.

The overwhelming excitement started to wear off, the horror and stress of money sunk deep into my bones. Now let me tell you it was probably not the best idea to plan and save for a wedding, pay off a car (well over my original budget) then decided to launch my own freelance design business a month later… But I did it regardless, as people always tell me, there is never a right time.

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I also jumped the gun a bit with my launch as I got so excited to start this chapter in my life. I made all my social media and released them into the big wide world without having my website up and running. So there was no call to action when all those first-time users stumbled across my account. At least that was only a few days traffic lost, as the website was up and running quite quickly after.

Budget, budget, budget! Learn the basics of saving money while business may be slow. Remember to save your tax! Don’t let this bite you in the bum in a years time, you will regret it. You also have no sick leave anymore… make sure this is all part of the plan when working out your costs and what you are going to be charging for your product or service.

You live and you learn, and I have definitely learned from this experience. If I could give the next young entrepreneur some advice. Have all your ducks in a row first but also remember there is never a good time!

Keep an eye out for the next blog taking a look at ‘How I worked out my hourly rate for designing!’

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