Fifty years of food prices in New Zealand interactive

Is healthy food really more expensive than junk food? It's a familiar complaint: why is Coke cheaper than bottled water? Why are fish 'n' chips cheaper than a home-cooked meal? How can we be expected to eat healthy, so the line goes, when takeaways and treats are cheaper and more convenient?

There is more than a grain of truth there β€” but experts say the wider issue is our attitude towards food preparation... Fifty years ago, the default scenario had the man of the house as the breadwinner, and the woman as a full-time housewife who prepared home-cooked meals. Nowadays, men and women both have demanding jobs, so there is less time to cook a meal from scratch.

Client: Fairfax Media
Year: 2017
Website: Interactive


britt mcleod (User eXperience), Suyeon son (interactive developer) and Katrina Berry (Designer)