Homed section design for Stuff

Our vision for Homed was to create an entirely new space on Stuff where you, our audience, could find information and inspiration - whatever your style, whatever your budget - and indulge in some retail therapy along the way. We think Homed has all the beauty and substance of a coffee table book, but without the resulting clutter and inevitable dusting duties, and I think we can all agree that the less of that we have the better.

In the mix of our rich, deep content are thousands of photos of fantastic New Zealand homes to sigh over, great stories to give you ideas and motivation, and videos of no-fuss DIY projects that are great for any day, not just rainy ones.

Client: Fairfax Media
Year: 2017
Website: Homed

Wireframing for Homed
Wireframing for Homed
Wireframing for Homed

Research and wireframing

Wireframing is a visual representation of the UI (user interface), which is stripped of any visual design or branding elements. It is used to define the hierarchy of items on a screen and communicate what the items on that page should be based on user needs. This was important to the development of Homed as designing with a 'block' system in mind was a completely new was of thinking for Stuff and Editiors.

Homed logo design

Logo design

Homed branding developed off the current Stuff logo, which was rebranded at the start of the year. It wasn’t about creating a new identity for this digital platform but incorporating the already existing Stuff branding and developing the sub brand from its influence. 


NEW Responsive template

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to which is aimed at allowing webpages to be viewed in response to the size of the screen or web browser one is viewing with. Homed, which is the new section on Stuff under ‘Life & Style’ had rich, deep and ever-changing content which also includes photo galleries, stories, house tours, and videos. It encompasses ideas for all styles and budgets for the home, making it easy for visitors to pick up ideas and buy things they love. This is the first section in the Stuff website to be made full responsive and be able to adapt to content.

Homed cover image-min.png
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Homed ipad
Homed image gallery
Homed mobile

Produced at Stuff with the help of datacom and the rest of the design team