One in Five million


Sometimes the best way of appreciating what life is like for everyone else is to take a hard look at your own lot. When you see how your circumstances compare with everyone else's, perhaps you'll be more willing to think about what it might be like in somebody else's shoes.

The One in Five Million project is our little go at helping New Zealanders with this. It is an informative tool. You answer some questions about yourself then see where those answers place you against other Kiwis.

- There were a total of 950,000 interactions with the One in Five Million tools, including on the in-story tools and the main page.
- There were 511,000 page views on that main page of the tool after the first few weeks.
- There were 205,000 unique users who visited the main One in Five Million page

Client: Stuff
Year: 2017
Website: One in Five Million

1in5m Mockup.jpg
1in5m - Desktop landing page
1in4m - mobile
1in5m - Health section
1in5m - Section page
1in5m - Home section

britt mcleod (User eXperience) and Katrina Berry (Designer)